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GIRLS NIGHT @ Bonnie's Place

A la carte'
additional time $75 hour
Balloon Columns $65 each
Speaker and mic $50
6 food Food burners $50


It's time to wind down and have some fun with the girls. You can have something as laid back as a paint and sip party, or something a little more exotic like a chair seduction party where you can learn some sexy new moves to take home.  

Friday nights and Sat brunch/early afternoons only

$375 TO $450

Venue for 2 hours

Photo Backdrop

Seating for 10

Your activity of choice

(paint n sip $450, chair $375 seduction, wine glass bling $450)

$25 each additional person for paint and sip or wine glass bling.

$20 each additional person for chair seduction. 

Digital Photo Glam shot for each guest for chair seduction parties.

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